mellow yellow monday


I took this shot last week while walking around the campus. Did you see the yellow? Gold and white are the official color of the university. Growling Tiger is the varsity team, Tigresses for womens and Tiger Cubs for high school team. The Yellow Jackets is the official pep squad and drumline. See the yellow spread all over the campus.

15 thoughts on “mellow yellow monday”

  1. ive been longing to feature ust but really had no chance as they require a permit. maybe soon. buti lapit nito sa inyo.

  2. Hi sis, first of all I'd like to thank you for your constant visits and comments, greatly appreciate. Pardon me if di ako nakavisit last week, was so busy wahhhh.

    Do you work in UST? My former boss finished her master's there.

    Birthday Cake for mellow yellow monday!

  3. Hello sis thanks for dropping by,naku malayo ang indiana from wyoming sis mga,2 to 3 days drive depende pa kung masama ang panahon mas lalo matagal.

    Anyway belated merry christmas and happy new year, God bless you.

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