Mellow Yellow Monday

“I wonder what is that plant over there,” pointing out to miracle fruit..

oh holy, a miracle fruit?


Did you see the color yellow in this post? I hope you did.


The miracle fruit, or miracle berry plant (Synsepalum dulcificum), produces berries that, when eaten, cause sour foods (such as lemons and limes) subsequently consumed to taste sweet. The berry, which contains active polyphenols was first documented by explorer Chevalier des Marchais who searched for many different fruits during a 1725 excursion to its native West Africa. Marchais noticed that local tribes picked the berry from shrubs and chewed it before meals. The plant grows in bushes up to 20 feet (6.1 m) high in its native habitat, but does not usually grow higher than ten feet in cultivation, and it produces two crops per year, after the end of the rainy season. It is an evergreen plant that produces small red berries, with flowers that are white and which are produced for many months of the year. The seeds are about the size of coffee beans. Source: Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia


9 thoughts on “Mellow Yellow Monday”

  1. Wahh I couldn't find the fruit 😐 or was it supposed to be a miracle to see it? waaa sorry anyway my Mellow Yellow is up 🙂

  2. The flower in my photo is a Dahlia bud. This one was really strange, the bud is very pretty but the bloom always looked as though it had been in a windstorm, it had a raggedy appearance.

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