Benefits for Seamen

How many of our maritime workers have been injured and received no benefits and medical privileges? Yes a lot, because they don’t know the benefits that are due to them and they even go home with no two cents in their hands when they encounter accidents. I’m saying this as it happened to the husband of a friend who works as a seaman and got injured while on duty. He took rest for a year to recuperate from injury and get no financial and medical support from the company. A case like this should be given suffice attention so that maritime workers who work hard for this kind of job would get all the necessary allowance while on leave for a job and any other benefits like insurance. They are not aware about whom to talk and approach to when this kind of situation arises. There is a dedicated lawyer to maritime workers and other related job who have injury.  Accidents can sometime be very painful experience and it gets even more painful for some workers who are deprived from these benefits.

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