Family Time #6 Weekend in my Sister’s House

At last I got a photo of us together,  not the recent one but not really old though. I’m sharing here one of our weekends in my sister’s house. At least once a year or more often than that, we visit my two sisters in Cavite as one of our bonding time. During our last visit, I showed my culinary skills (lol) and cooked Tuna Carbonara for them. We gathered together in my older sister’s house and devoured what I have cooked for them. It is a nice feeling to be with them and we’re planning to visit them this week just before I get myself busy in the next coming month. Husband and PILs will be coming home this May, so expect me like a Yo-YO whatever you may call me on that date, popping in and out in my blog. Will not be in full hiatus, just a little more time in my offline world.

Please join us as we share our Family Time. Simply link your entry to New Home Sweet Home and put the badge below. Happy Family Time!


8 thoughts on “Family Time #6 Weekend in my Sister’s House”

  1. yay!! sarap naman!! parang magkakapatid n namamasyal lang eheheheh thanks nORA for sharing! see you next week (i know were chatting 24 hrs a day) what i mean is see you next week for FAM TIME Lol

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