Girls Talk: To Die for

When I read the Girl’s Talk page about food to die for, I thought about posting Kalderetang Kambing. While thinking about this entry, I was already craving and found myself salivating. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the photo in my archive so I’m posting another entry which is equally to die food for me. Kinilaw na Tanigue!

Now, can you guess what drinks this food would perfectly match?



7 thoughts on “Girls Talk: To Die for”

  1. toinks kung di ko pa install-an ng new theme di ko pa malaman na nawala comment ko dito. hihi. nagcomment na ako weh. waaaahh!! sabi ko pa nga hindi ako kumakain ng kinilaw. as in. huhu. pero itatry ko yan. someday ๐Ÿ˜€

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