I Need a Diet Plan Seriously

Sleep late! Unhealthy right? This is what we’ve been doing the whole summer, but hey summer is not over yet. Nina, my daughter’s grade school classmate came over at around 8 o’clock today. Eight o’clock wake up time is too early for my kids who usually get out of bed  between 9 and 10 in the morning or even later than that. But I thank her for waking them up   to start  the day  early.  She brought too many DVDs, enough for her and my kids to stay in a couching mood the whole day. I love how she appreciated what I prepared for lunch today except the topic about pills that she brought up out of nowhere. I wonder where she gets the idea and why she asked me if I want to try any diet pills. What does she mean when she said that? Did I hurry myself to food and eat like a hungry beast? I am not taking my diet seriously. I meant seriously! I may try different supplements like vitamins, conjugated linoleic acid and other pills. I hate it because I am too lazy to do some exercise in the morning. My diet pills gave up me, even my slimming tea. I crave for yummy food all the time. My weight will probably double in no time and so I must force myself to find other way before obesity comes my way. Sigh.

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