Loving Healthy Yogurt

Yogurt as we all know is a healthy snack and also serves as breakfast or lunch meal. Yogurt can be used to make healthy shakes or frozen to eat like ice cream topped with favorite fruits like strawberry and cherry. The process of making yogurt involves culturing cream milk with live and active bacterial cultures.

My kids hardly eat yogurt when they were still young. They find the taste as sour cream. Today, they hardly differentiate ice cream from Yogurt. Yogurt when frozen and presented with colorful design makes it even more loved by my children. The flavorful taste makes them hard to recognize and thought about it as an ice cream melting in their mouth.

Yogurt is a good source of calcium. It helps and maintain our bone growth that is necessary especially during childhood. Yogurt is also a good source of protein. An eight ounce serving of yogurt can provide 20% of daily recommended value of protein. An excellent source of calcium, potassium, magnesium and nutrients,   yogurt is good for young and adults.

Waiting for her Yogurt to be served. She chose Wizzard Hat Yogurt, the one with colorful toppings.

Daughter with her Choco Loco Hat

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