What I Want for a Vacation

I have published in my previous post about spending at least two quality vacations this summer. I want to stay in a resort for the whole weekend or in a highland like that in northern part.  What  do you think about spending outdoor in an open sea breeze while you’re relaxing in a Chaise lounge chair?  My two daughters and I have the same views when it comes to vacation. They always thought of outdoor vacation like staying in front of the beach watching the sunset lounging in a very relaxing chair.  Wow! What a grand vacation it would be. On the first week of May, we’re planning again for a short vacation. I already inquired about the rates of the resort where we all plan to stay.  I am still awaiting for a reply. It is not a luxury vacation but I consider it that way knowing we can spend more outdoor moment with the wonderful view of a white sand.

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