Family Time #7: At MOA

I am posting this entry in html mode. My children are  right behind me while creating this post.  They don’t expect these photos be included in this meme. I was actually looking for the old pics and found one of our family weekend in MOA. They were laughing and teasing about their looks  with dry and naturally uncombed hair.  I think they’re really grown up and don’t like to see unwanted pictures be posted. It was windy that day and they’re having a bad hair day literally. These photos actually are the bestest.  After malling, we dropped by in bay area and had a short  walk as they blow bubbles together. Families flock together in the mall during weekends as  shown in the photo.  Just like us, they also do grocery together and wait for the beautiful sun to go down.

The coastal side slowly  turned  quiet and calm as the  golden sunset appeared through the grey clouds.

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10 thoughts on “Family Time #7: At MOA”

  1. ahahhaha parang NENE naman dito ang mga bata :)) kelan to? hehehe tHnaks for dropping by and joining! ehhehehe 🙂 see you next time!

    1. looks like five years ago, but it’s only a year and half.. they’ve transformed into young adults in few months. lol

  2. I love the view! I miss the Manila Bay. How I wish we could back there again soon.

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    Btw, I’m your new GFC follower and FB fan. 😀

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