Family Time #8: Our Sunday

Hey yah! For the love of Family Time meme, no matter how busy I am these days and the coming weeks, I still and promise to find time for this entry, so here’s mine.

My Sunday was occupied with too much stuff around in my mind. Husband came home for a two week vacation. We have no concrete plan yet about where to spend our vacation. My PILs will be coming home too, so it’s a full house for us. I guess more busier days ahead are waiting for me. I’m happy though, my kids will have enough time to spend moment with their grannies.

Yesterday, we were at the airport. My camera was just there hanging around my neck for no purpose at all. Okey, I brought my camera with me but I forgot to take a pic of them. We were already at the van going home when I remember what I’ve missed.

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9 thoughts on “Family Time #8: Our Sunday”

  1. ohh sayang naman…but never take pictures na alng other time. dont forget ha kasi sayang ang moment…

    Happy mothers day.

  2. ahaha, same here, the camera is always inside my bag when we get out, but most of the time it serves no purpose, it just makes my bag a weigh heavy lol

  3. wahahahah abaka ikaw ay nashock sa nakita mo wahahaha ikaw b naman kita mo hubby eh d k b ma SHOCK LOL :)) ahahahahhahhahah!!!

    wohooo may family time k n na complete ehhehe :)) next time dnt forget to take a shots ng fam mo okay? andyan nmn grannies so makisuyo ka ahahha :)) tpos magpa pic kayu sa studio…family picture! that is nice! 😀

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