Stressful Month

I’ve been in blog hiatus for a couple of days now. I am not in full vacation as I sneak in my blogs from time to time. We were in a shopping mall this afternoon with my older daughter and bought supplies. The cost of supplies already ate a huge chunks of our budget. School and other miscellaneous fees were already settled earlier days of April. This month gave me so much stress. I just noticed this morning that wrinkles are now visible in my face. The thought of looking ten years older in my age prompts me to look for dermitage reviews. It seems like my next concern would be de-stressing. After a long stressful week, I feel I need to relax and keep myself away from any worries. There are other things that really stressed me out. I want to keep it to myself but I guess sharing my thoughts would at least reduce the burden. Anyways, I should get myself ready now for school days. I smell another month of busy schedule but at least I am well prepared now.

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