The Big Fight

We only have only two days left before the Manny Pacquiao-Shane Mosley fight live in Las Vegas. People around the world are all excited to watch the most discussed fight of the year. It is already a tradition for us to watch the fight together with friends and family gathered together to watch the fight in one venue. It becomes an instant reunion and celebration also for old friends watching together with lots of food and  wine on the table. We will be watching it here in our house but I am not sure though if some friends will come over and watch with us. It would be good  if we have a big flat screen or even home dlp projector so we can watch it better as if we are near in boxing arena. Anyways, we all support Pacquiao all the way on live streaming online or maybe via Pay Per View (PPV).   I can’t wait for the big fight now and I think even the non boxing enthusiasts are excited too.  I just hope that in the end, the game will be fair enough for the two powerful boxers.

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