It was a Real Nightmare!

Few weeks ago, a nightmare came to my life that I thought was impossible to happen but it did. Okay, maybe I was over reacting but I was scared that things would turn out worst. It made me a little paranoid. Anyways, there are things that I just need not to blog, to keep my silence and get my world going. For readers who know the real story, well it’s just a small incident but one wrong move and it will ruin our lives. Much for the teaser. If you are a follower of my blog, you know what I have posted in my daughter’s 13th birthday. Lucky 13 right? I was stressed and wished I have some camacho triple maduro with me. Unfortunately, even the two cans of beer in my fridge appeared unappealing to me. That night, I just slept and filled my mind with positive thoughts with hopes for a brighter day to wake up.

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