Kung Fu Panda

Pardon for not joining this weekly meme regularly, but I promise to submit an entry when I can. Our usual family time is spent mostly in our home, watching movies or just merely watching TV shows together. For this week, let me share the last movie that we watched together,  Kung Fu Panda 2.  I didn’t know that 3D movies cost twice than a regular movie. But we got no reason anymore to cancel since it was already a long time plan to watch a movie just before the school year begins. Off we went to watch the funniest and awesome Kung Fu Panda. I find it hilarious though but my older daughter was annoyed when the kids sitting next to us started shouting and kicking their feet in the chair.  Anyways,  my rate for this movie would be:  Popcorn, I rather stay home movie!  Glad that we had free snacks and softdrinks for 350 worth/ticket. Nice marketing strategy right?

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