Managing your Debt

Have you received a letter from utility companies demanding you to pay your already disconnected service? Or a demand letter from a credit card company asking you to pay the amount that you charged into your account. Don’t worry. You are not alone in the planet with the same case. Many people received the same kind of notice even the wealthy people. Don’t get nervous when the collection agencies contact you or come straight to your doorstep. It’s just a matter of handling and managing your debt.

If your credit card bills exceed to the limit and you find no money to pay for the debt, then here are the solutions. Visit your credit card provider or the agency and settle the way you want your bills to be collected, either partial or in installment basis. Negotiate with the bank. You can also voluntarily suspend your account early to stop or lower the interest. Just remember to have your official receipt as a proof and update your account often or after every payment so you’ll know that the bills that you have settled has reflected in your credit report. Live a life with no phone calls or letter to bother you, live a zero-debt free life.

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