Turned Fashionista

I just found out that I got few shirts that I haven’t used even once. Some are just too small for me but the prints and designs are just too chic for give away. I kept those shirts with hopes that I could reduce my weight and slim down in few months. A year passed and my shirts are still in the closet. If these tops could only speak, they would definitely shout out to flaunt them and let the people appreciate their unique designs. I gained few pounds last summer and find it hard to burn the calories albeit I exercise everyday. I think I really need some diet pills that work before I start posting my own photo here.

Don’t be surprised one day if you see me in my jeans again with small size shirt. Did I say I will launch a new fashion website soon? I guess it will encourage me more to have a slim fit to prepare myself in the future. Who says I can’t be a model. Glad I am the admin here. I can hire myself for a very rewarding career.

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