Weekend Cost-Cutting

Meralco bill went up high like a rocket this month. Did you see the bar graph below? It doubled this month. I actually expected that increase because we abused the use of air conditioner in the house. We got two working computers for almost 24 hours a day. We only got to turn it off at night or sometimes only on stand by mode. In this time of crisis, I always want to check city payday advance loan to keep the budget meet at the end of the month.

Honestly, I am trying to tighten my belt now. We missed going out in the mall every weekend for almost a month now since my PIL left the country. I told my kids that going out will be limited this time. It costs us much for taking a cab and dining out in a restaurant. So every weekend, I just cook their favorite meal as a weekend treat. I don’t know if we can stay this way for the next month. My younger daughter is already protesting and kept telling me over and over again that she is so bored with the same routine inside the house.

One thought on “Weekend Cost-Cutting”

  1. Everything is so costly these days, and we should really do some belt-tightening to help us manage our finances. Thanks for commenting on my “Levytate” post, sis!

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