My Shopping Online

I love shopping online and that’s where I am addicted to right now. I stopped for a while going out in the mall. The cab’s fare alone consumed pretty much of our budget plus the time spent in a seemingly endless traffic jam. My last shopping online went to a local store.

I was browsing the net of lady’s accessories until I stumbled in this site today.  There are guys who just love wearing anything as long as it gives total comfort to them.  I remain clueless to what they prefer until the day I found out that mens lingerie is no different to women’s and they love wearing it just the same way  us  did.  I found it online and was amazed how sexy they look with this intimate apparel.

One thought on “My Shopping Online”

  1. I too shop online. I usually do it on ebay since sellers there have feedback scores that you can check if you’re in doubt about the seller. There are also a lot of cheap but nice stuff.

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