New Set of Uniform and Trading Pins

My younger daughter have few events to look forward to this coming September. She is an active member of lyre group in their school. She has been with the said group since last year and have performed quite a few number in their school programs, welcoming guests and visitors. She is happy being a lyrist even if she’s asked to perform even during class time. She loves doing it, so even if she misses few quizzes and lessons, I’m still supporting her because I believe that it will help her develop her personality and enhance her skill as well. This year, majority of the group were new students, thus the pressure lies in the old member, them. The teacher purchased a new set of costume and trading pins so that all members will be in a uniform design.

My daughter is looking forward for their next performance. They will celebrate foundation day in the next two weeks, thus making her and their group busy again practicing for the event.

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