Choosing a Career

My older daughter took the National College Assessment Exam today. The exam is given to Junior students to test their ability and prepare them on what career to choose in the future. In the test given to them by National Education Testing and Research Center earlier this month, Aviation-Pilot and Stewardess are on top of her preference, next is Professional Services like Legal or Lawyer. If she landed in this field, it is really her own choice and not because she was influenced by me or anybody else. I am not encouraging neither discouraging her but I always think that Network Architect Jobs are definitely in demand in the future plus a little knowledge in IT. Shamcey Supsup who’s just placed 3rd runner up in the recent Miss Universe beauty pageant is a licensed architect and is now a successful woman in this field.

Right now, my daughter can’t decide yet on what to choose but time flies so fast and by first quarter of school year 2012, she will be taking admission tests in different universities. She, as a student in the university she’s in right now however will be given a priority but she aims to try the UPCAT next year. Whatever, I will just be here to support her whatever she pursues in the future.

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