Double Fun at Soyami!

I’m glad that there’s a chips that is good for adults and the kids too, SOYAMI!

It was a double-event for us last Saturday. Kids enjoyed their playtime at Active Fun while mommies were at the SOYAMI’s  Nutritious and Delicious Cooking Show. My younger daughter will be turning eleven this coming November, although at times, she acts like a little lady, still she is a child at heart. She plays together with other kids and when I went to check what she’s doing, she was having fun with other kids at the play area.

It was not the first time my daughter and EZ, Fedhz’s daughter, met. They got acquainted in the previous events where Fedhz and I both attended.

We rushed to go home that day because my older daughter was expecting us to be early. Glad we made it. We got home just in time. My older daughter surprised me with a cake. A simple celebration on the day of my birthday!

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