Adapting to Climate Change

September is commonly called the typhoon month. It is the time of the year when typhoons visit several times. Typhoon or even storm surge occurs this month and usually damage many houses and buildings. Who would have thought that seawall in the the recent typhoon will collapse because of the extreme pounding waves of the sea? A surprise wave as tall as twenty feet or higher swamped the bay and severely damaged the seawall causing the boulevard in deep flood. Unimaginable!

In the present condition we are facing today, people must think of  a new plan and solution to climate change that is happening now.  It is about time now to adapt the right materials for the buildings and houses. If buildings are not made of strong materials, it will probably collapse. Recommendations such as construction of metal buildings that can withstand strong winds and typhoons should be considered seriously.

Floods are a common thing even in a nearby country. Only those who are residing in low lying are greatly affected by floods before, but now, flood seems to be every body’s concern. While others think of changing the crops, floating garden to some are the best solution so when typhoon comes, the produce won’t be affected so much.

All of us should know the cause and effects of climate change. The power to change is in your hand. Do something now for tomorrow may never come, it’s not too late!

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