Finalizing the Venue

I just read the discussion board in our community group. Updates about our second meet up have been trending lately. They all agreed to conduct an ocular visit first before sending out the proposal for sponsorship. My co-blogger and I visited the venue few weeks ago but we found out that the function room is quite small for fifty members who have confirmed their attendance. The staff toured us for a while inside the hotel including rooms so that when other bloggers decided to check-in with their family, they already have the idea on what to expect in the hotel including the Internet access which is very important for bloggers. While others are looking for Internet access, some are wondering if bathsofdistinction clawfoot tubs are available in the hotel for relaxation.

Almost everything is set now except for the confirmation of the venue. We have been planning it for a long time now and the admins are currently doing effort to get a bigger discount. If they give us a good rate, all members will be very happy for bigger savings to be spent for tokens or souvenir instead.

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