Flowers for Loved Ones

For students, the first week of November is a break from school where in they can relax during this period by taking a short vacation somewhere else. For Catholic believers, November is a month to celebrate All Saints Day by visiting the grave of their loved ones, offering candles and flowers. Other people celebrate the day by just spending the whole day in a cemetery having a picnic with a belief that their loved ones who passed away are with them for a get-together meal.

November 1 and 2 are considered two important days for all of us, All Saints Day and All Souls Day respectively. Decorating the graves is one way of showing to our loved ones who passed away how we missed them. Proflowers coupons during this season are a real treat just like graduation days, birthdays, valentines and anniversaries. Flowers are just one way of showing themĀ  the love we have for them. Send them all the love we could give.

2 thoughts on “Flowers for Loved Ones”

  1. flowers are a way of making a person feel loved. I agree that giving flowers to our dear departed is a sign of love and respect, but wouldn’t it be better if we love the person when alive than just send flowers when they’re gone?

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