Entering College

As early as today, my daughter already filled up an assessment form on what course to take when she enters college. She was having a hard time in choosing her career so I reminded her to choose what she thinks she loves seeing herself in the future. She definitely loves traveling and chooses Tourism Management. Knowing my daughter who is still unsure of what to take, I wouldn’t be surprised when the time of enrolment comes and chooses psychology course instead just like her cousin. My niece who will graduate this school year is taking up BS Psychology. I know that once her cousin brings up the topic about how easy it is to get Psychiatrist Jobs,  she will likely change her mind and take a different career.

I hope that she sticks her mind to what she really wants. I don’t want her to end up shifting to different courses. It is such a waste of time and money. I knew it. I’ve also been fickle minded during my school years.

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