The Venue

The event yesterday was a blast. Meeting co-moms in our community was really full of fun. All moms went home with lots of goodies from our generous sponsors. It was tiring but the experience and  the unforgettable moment we had with other moms were all worth it. Although the venue was quite crowded for more than 50 attendees plus the sponsors, we all managed to have fun and enjoyed the event.

We were supposed to hold the event in a wider place with a presentation tool like projector but because the staff did not confirm our booking on time, our group admin cancelled the reservation and decided to move to another venue. The venue was quite uncomfortable with no Wifi but the food was excellent and worth to stay anyway. The supposed presentation created by one of the committees was only uploaded online and we were  able to  to view it this morning. I love how we were all presented, with our picture and a little introduction of our blogs and ourselves. I just need a video download so I could keep a copy with me in my hard drive.

Up next, a post event write up of PMC’s meet-up.

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