Vacation Wishlist

I always want to spend our vacation in a worthy time. We’re looking forward to another long weekend or long vacation, probably during Christmas break. I am not sure whether we’ll be going south or north. It all depends on the budget and my savings. My two daughters want to visit EK this Christmas and I am sure that the fun ride adventure itself would eat a big chunks of our budget already. They have been wishing to experience again the fun rides because it has been a long while since they experienced such rides during their field trip in pre-school years. If we decide to visit or spend a vacation in the cold south instead, we don’t need to buy extra outfit anymore and if ever we need more items, I’ll just check dakine since it is easier to purchase online anyway.

I wish I have enough money so I wouldn’t have a hard time choosing where and when to go to for Christmas. We all want to travel to relax ourselves. I want my daughters to enjoy the holiday season while they’re taking a break from school.

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