Glimpse of the Past

I don’t have a picture of myself during college days even a studio shot or a photo from a filmed camera.   I took up a medical related course and now  I could just remember how skinny I was during that time in white uniform.  How frustrating it is now as I don’t have a single picture to post here.  Some of my old classmates in college are now working abroad but  I still have a contact with them.

The last time I opened my social networking account, I found them so  gorgeous in their scrubs and I think they’re all wearing Marcus nurses uniforms.  Gone are the days when all the hospital workers only  wear one color.  Today, health professionals look very fashionable and so trendy!  But if I have a time machine, I would still choose my life now,  a stay at home mom. I am happy though seeing them successful in their own career.

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