Solid gold coin donated to the Salvation Army

A solid gold coin has been donated to the Salvation Army. The coin – which was donated in Houston, Texas – was wrapped in a dollar bill and came with the note “A child is born, Jesus”.
The Salvation Army in Houston has received exactly the same donation for the last few years, always with the same note attached to the gold coin and dollar bill. The big mystery is that no-one knows who the generous donor is.
The Salvation Army was set up in 1865 and as a UK-based charity it hit the ground running with its evangelical and charitable works. They’re actually in the top ten when it comes to giving social aid around the world.
Stories of kind charitable donations always have a special place in the hearts of the people, particularly when the donation comes from ordinary working people or a struggling small business which helps a worthy cause.
The Pepper Foundation was the lucky recipient of £20,000 to help it do its amazing work caring for terminally ill children. The donor was Eastwoods Butchers who held a golf day to raise the money. What an amazing thing to do.
In a world where everyone is struggling more than before, it is very heart-warming indeed to see that more people are donating to charity than last year. Donating to those less fortunate than yourself is admirable indeed, but doing so when you are likely to be on the breadline is amazing.
Do you wish to make a donation to a charity close to your heart but don’t have the cash? You’d be surprised to learn that selling gold for cash is actually a very good way to do so.
Earlier in the year it was reported that nuns sold their gold jewellery for cash to benefit their convent and that a woman sold her gold to save the life of a horse she was looking after who needed medical treatment and was about to be put down.
Just think what a difference your old necklaces and rings could make to somebody’s life! Gold is very high in price right now but this could change.
Cash in now while prices are still high and you could make someone’s dream come true!
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