366 BPC: Almost Done!

Almost done with morning ritual. I remember to take a photo halfway but this makes me more easy to convince you the richness of my coffee with the traces left in my mug. I am truly impressed with the quality of Starbucks VIA Ready Brew Coffee. It includes 8 single serve packets. It makes my everyday morning so much better. I have four of this mug added in my collection and a few sachets more of coffee, courtesy of PIL.

My share for 366 Blogger Photo Challenge


10 thoughts on “366 BPC: Almost Done!”

  1. I am drinking coffee right now too but not from the Strabucks just the folgers. I am sure that coffee taste heavenly 🙂 Visiting from #22 of BPC, hope that you can return the coffee too.

  2. i love to collect mugs too and as much as i love coffee, i couldn’t only have the decaffeinated, i am breastfeeding… hehehe… was here from BPC #22

  3. I love the mug! I love collecting mugs, too! Pareho pala tayo! 🙂 Kaso I don’t drink coffee. MIlo lang yung sa akin. LOL.

    Visiting for yesterday’s challenge.

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