366 BPC: Solid Shapes

I want to challenge myself to post one photo a day, I meant the current one so I’ll remember what day I had in my archives with BPC. I shouldn’t be posting the shameful image but no, I have too. I sweated out so much creating this  with the help of my little one. This task was assigned to her for Math subject, to create a prism image out of the following solid shapes: rectangular prism, cube, sphere, cone, pyramid and cylinder. Tadaa, here are the fruits of our labor. The first we made was  big and scary. I suggested we build a castle but she refused and said she needed a prism image like a robot. The first one was a bigger shape so I created another  and it was such a mess.   She chose the latter. I created with snowman in my mind but the image ended up as scarecrow. Haha.  We finished  them around 1am. Good thing I have enough 3M supplies to connect  the shapes. I don’t know what grade she will expect today for this assignment. Okay, never mind. 🙂

My  entry for 366 Blogger Photo Challenge


8 thoughts on “366 BPC: Solid Shapes”

  1. Hello sis,I miss visiting your site…buti nalang na cha challenge din talaga ako sa BPC ni sis dhemz at nag kitakita ulit tayo ahaha…thanks sa visit sis.

  2. My son would call that robot and would willing to put up a fight just to have that. hehee he likes shapes kasi, good job mommy at talagang pinaghirapan huh

  3. I do these in two of my blogs too sis, a photo a day.. Wish I could do it in all of my blogs but it’s hard to keep up. Beautiful colors too. Hope you can join color connection again.

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