Fort Santiago Day Trip

It was our firsts in Fort Santiago. We’ve been to many historical places , I say we, because I always accompany my children to their educational field trips but it seems that Fort Santiago is not always in the list to visit or maybe we missed this trip where this  park is listed.  We live just a few minutes or  less than the minimum fare to Fort Santiago so we decided to visit the park on Rizal Day, December 30, the day to commemorate the martyrdom of Jose Rizal, our National Hero.

On the same day, we went back to Marikina Riverbank, this time with my sister and kids and guess what? We had a free LRT ride in celebration of Rizal Day.

Fort Santiago Tour. It is worth to pay a visit where you can see a well preserved walled city. The guards wear the old Guardia Civil uniforms where you could really feel Spanish era. The Calesa ride is also an added attraction where you could also hire for a very minimal fee. Other set of furniture are still very much preserved. I wanted to check right away the office furniture online reviews for any available item or even just a replica of what I saw inside the shrine.

What you can see inside Fort Santiago.

Baluartillo de San Francisco Javier
The Museum Shop
Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe
Parks, Promenades and Picnic Areas
The Rizal Shrine
Baluarte de Santa Barbara
Almacenes Reales
Replica of pre-war Manila streetcards – Tranvia

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