Pictures Not Allowed!

I know! Pictures are not allowed inside the rail transit but I’ve seen too many blogs with their photos publicly posted too. No, I don’t intend to follow their unlawful acts, I just want too. Nobody stopped me.¬† The guard saw me with my camera and he didn’t stop me either.¬† Anyway, I got two shots inside. I think it’s the fastest rail transit but I am not sure the exact speed because the Wikipedia is closed today to protest the proposed SOPA. I couldn’t get the exact information also as to what line connects¬† from one station to another. When we got down the train, I just realized how fast the ride was. I saw the train left in a flash.

On the other note about Wikipedia, I hope it comes back real soon. I need to help my daughter to finish her project in Hekasi. It’s about history, heroes and more and I can’t imagine myself going back to books and do research manually.

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