Plumeria at Fort Santiago

According to wikipedia, plumeria (common name Frangipani) is a genus of flowering plants of the family that includes Dogbane: the Apocynaceae. These flowers are native to Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. It contains 7-8 species of mainly deciduous shrubs and small trees.

Lots of these flowers were scattered inside Fort Santiago near Rizal Shrine. Many kids picked the flowers that were already in the ground.

Plumeria is a tropical plant. Despite the smell by which I find it so sweet, this flower seems to be unnoticed by many. I remember when I was a kid, we have those in front of our house and I like the smell most especially at night by which they were most fragrant.
The color is just so perfect, so mellow for my Mellow Monday.

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My Mellow Yellow Monday.

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