The Best Time to Take a Vacation

If you are planning to visit Baguio, then it is the best time to visit now in time for Panagbenga Festival which is being held between February 23 to March 3. If my children have no class, we would definitely visit the place to witness the colorful flower floats.   I’ve been to Baguio many times but I’ve never witnessed this festival. It is also the coldest time of the year, between January and February. I don’t recommend a vacation during rainy season because the landslide is a big risk to motorists unless they have a roadside assistance service to rely on where they can drive comfortably without any worries to think about when unexpected incidents happen along their way.

What to do  if you are planning to commute and have no travel agency to assist you. Visit and buy tickets ahead because chances are very small to get a ride if you just proceed in bus terminal as a walk-in passenger. Also, airline tickets are most likely fully booked. Plan ahead for your convenience and confirm your reservation including the hotel and restaurant.  It  surely will bring more fun to your and your  family if you visit the place during the peak season where tourists flock to witness the colorful festival.

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