Crashed and Paralysed!

My computer broke down. My windows started to crash while my monitor keeps popping up the message, “disable the last hardware or software installed.” I am now partially paralysed.   When we tried to reformat, the installer could not even recognize and stop after several attempts made.  The blue screen keeps popping up. I’m afraid that all the photos will not be saved anymore. My hard disk is now a slave into another computer with hopes that it will still be recovered.

On the other side, I can finally rest my tired hands and sore elbow for a while. I am blogging from another computer, not mine. I find it really hard   out from my work station.   I don’t have any files or photos to blog but I will try to get one for this meme. If I may not be able to visit you all,  rest assured that all comments will be reciprocated as soon as everything is okay.   I’ll pray that there will be a good news tomorrow. Thank you!

5 thoughts on “Crashed and Paralysed!”

  1. Wahhhh virus siguro sis, usually pag nagpifluicker continuously eh virus ang may gawa.. Anong software ininstall mo, baka may spyware yun? Thanks for linking up to Color Connection.

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