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I am back! I am back blogging with my old but newly restored computer. I can’t wait to update my sites now with my fast loading and clean PC. All my files are now organized and stored in an external drive. I have no fear anymore of getting crashed. I learned a lot from all these troubles. I can now figure out when something wrong happens again with my PC.

I only spent only a little amount to restore. I just purchased a new hard disk and everything else was restored. The audio and the DVD writer are now back to regular programming. LOL. I just can’t stay longer yet because I still need to rest my hands to fully recover. But at least, I can update my sites now and blog from time to time.

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  1. Ahhh… I hate the pains that computer crashing gives us! I just experienced that a few months ago! Good thing was, I stored all my photos in an external hard drive. Indeed, they were saved! I’m sure you will be on the right track with that!

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