My Portable Drive

I bought an external hard drive as a back up device for my computer. Despite the many errors that caused my computer to shut down, I was able to save all my important documents in my portable drive. I tried to reformat my windows but it hanged in the middle of installing. The PC says that windows cannot install because of the missing files and when I tried a newer version, it says that hard disk is not connected properly. I tried different options but none of them worked. I wished that repairing my system is just as easy as driving a car with magellan gps that would take me to the right direction. I stayed late last night and opened the hardware and checked all the connections. Different code errors appeared and I tried to analyze using another computer what those errors are. I think that the problem is technical and needs an expert to repair.

For every trouble, there’s always something to be learned. Always secure a back up copy because it always comes unexpectedly. I am blogging from my daughter’s laptop but I find it really hard working away from my workstation. I already lost many opportunities because I couldn’t open other account even if I already tried clearing cache and cookies and used different browser. Anyways, I am thankful for all the help from my¬†friends who assisted me to repair the system and save all my important documents. They pulled out my hard disk and plugged in as a slave to another computer.

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