Color of the Night

In last month’s JS Promenade night, blue, purple and red dominates the event. My daughter wore a blue and black gown and accessorized her hair the way a princess should be. The theme for the event’s “Night of the Royalties” just made the night more colorful.

I did not experience wearing or attending this kind of event in my junior or senior years.

I kept my daughter’s gown after it was dry cleaned. I wonder if I could sell it online to anyone looking for a second hand prom dress.


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4 thoughts on “Color of the Night”

  1. Awww ang gaganda naman ng mga outfits.. Wala ako nyan noon sis hahaha.. Nanghiram lang ako ng dress (di gown) but a simple dress, makaattend lang. Can’t afford to buy eh lol. Salamnat for joining CC lagi.

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