Engage in a Book

What’s the next best thing to gadget? I think if my daughter is  asked, she would answer it in one word, reading. She is a bookworm and only finds time with her gadgets when she’s done reading. She’s currently engaged in one inspirational book. She also reads an e-book but her eyes easily gets tired with only a few minutes of reading. I think that it contributed a lot to her poor vision.

My daughter also collects book. I just kept the reference books separately so that her younger sister could use them once she enters secondary school. I’m glad that I was told by my co-parent where I could buy different kinds of books for this school year. Likewise, when my daughter  needs ITIL Books in the future, I know what website to browse to  and I’ll  just place my order online. Buying books is now an easy thing. I don’t need to go to the bookstore anymore, thus, saving a  lot of  money, effort and time!

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