Philippine Azkals wins against Tajikistan

The score Tajikistan 1 – 2 Philippines made the Azkals Team for the final four. It was a big victory for the Azkals who gave the best fight  and worked hard  for the game.

It was  on the 43rd when Tajikistan scored a goal.  It was just so fast, really fast and I just wished for an  instant and zoomed-in replay   for that controversial goal.      Nine mins after,   my world stopped for a while and screamed  when  Phil Younghusband finally scored a goal.   Now, that’s a real  goal!   Angel Guirado,  on a very close range,  headed the ball on the 80th min.  He was injured after but made a big contribution to the team’s success sending them off to the final four.

It was a do or die game. A very physical game where too many players were injured. Both teams fought for the semi finals. Too many yellowcards were also given to Azkals including Angel Guirado and James Younghusband.

Losers will go home while the final four will meet for the next game. Congrats Azkals!

RT @chieffy_13 “This win is for all the Filipinos who continue to inspire us and support us against all odds. #we believe azkals

Philippine Azkals will play with Turkmenistan for AFC Challenge Cup Semi Finals on March 16, 4:45 pm via Studio 23.

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