Postal Experience

A blogger friend sent me something for Christmas, unfortunately, it didn’t reach my end.  It is not the first time I’ve experienced the same thing too.  I’ve spent time and money as a present for a friend who lived in another province but I was disappointed that my friend was not able to receive the present.  I should have mailed it in private mailing center and get free shipping coupons  instead and availed a discount.  That way, the package is sure to reach in good condition and surely will arrive on time.  Anyways, I am thankful for the thoughtfulness that my friend showed me. Even if the package got lost or maybe was taken by somebody else, I really appreciate all the efforts that she spent and how she remembered me on that special day.

To my friend, thank you so much. I am still hopeful that the  package was just lost and would find its way back to me. Recently, I saw on the news that CCTVs were being installed to monitor the office.  That move will help to avoid unwanted situations but  I still believe that there are still a few good staff in the post office working honestly even without monitoring cameras around.

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