Raining Summer

We only think of summer whenever month of March enters. Surprisingly, instead of hot weather, we were welcomed with rain shower and flood. I even walked last night in a knee-deep flood. How ironic! Anyways, even if it rains, it won’t stop us in going to the beach but I still hope there will be a real hot summer by mid of April. My two daughters are insisting to go on a vacation now but we cannot leave yet because I  am expecting a parcel. It is actually a package care of  to my name. My friend noted that there are few fragile items inside as a gift to her daughter. Her daughter’s wishlist which are included in the package:   a headphone, ipad accessories, and a branded watch.  I hope it gets here soon and not two days later or after weekend. We want  to go somewhere else without any worries to think about going back home.

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