From Analog to Digital

Do you still remember the phonograph records or the analog cassette tapes? Technology is developing and moving too fast and in a matter of two decades, these medium in playing music no longer exist. Although you can still see them today, if not in your house, most likely, they are securely exhibited in a museum. During early 8os, music hobbyist or those who wanted to record their song, used a cassette recorder.  It actually sounded broken. Today, they usually use a CD, recorded in a digital musical stereo that produces a good sound quality.

Thanks to modern technology. Musicians find it easy today creating their own tracks of recorded song using this high tech instrument.  Digital recordings are very easy to use. Unlike the analog recorders, these are very excellent in terms of editing.  You can actually record drumbeats or other digital sound but there’s a process on how it will actually work to  give a better result to the fullest.

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