Getting Organized

Before we take another vacation, I need to finish  all my to-do-list this week. The first thing is to keep myself organized including my online activities online. It is hard to work when things are cluttered and a messy environment makes the whole life  in a mess too. My unread emails and draft page in my site  also add to my burden.  I  should  keep them in the right folder. This is how I organized my online task.  Aside from physical things that we see including the furniture like computer cabinet,  internal files should also be neatly arranged.

I love it when everything is in order as it helps me think faster. I couldn’t concentrate when I have something in my mind that keeps popping in and out from time to time. It also causes me more sleepless night and I become unproductive the next day. The key and bottom line here is that, be organized and everything else will follow smoothly.

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