Pregnancy at 40

We took the chance to visit my sister in our province last weekend since we were already near the place from my husband’s hometown. My sister is currently on her first trimester pregnancy. She said that her pregnancy wouldn’t be as hard as it is now if she’s only on her early 30s just like  the previous pregnancies she has had.  I reminded her to follow every bit of her doctor’s advice and give extra care especially now that she’s feeling  like  first pregnancy  again or even harder in her present condition.  She said that getting pregnant in 40s is quite difficult to carry but nonetheless a big blessing having another child.  It was unplanned nor did she think she would get pregnant again.  She’s not sure of the gender yet until she gets the ultrasound between 18 to 20 weeks.  I might give a baby boy bedding on her baby shower with a hope  that  she’s giving  birth to a baby boy, not her first, but a second boy to the family.

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