Sam Milby on “The Buzz”

Sam Milby is back in town. He’s being featured now at “The Buzz.” After several auditions at the Hollywood, Sam is dreaming big and hoping to get an international fame.  Why not? He’s a good actor and sings as well.

When asked if its difficult during the auditions?

“It was hard unlike here in our country. Hollywood is international and the amazing feedback gave me a big booster”.

It took him nine years before he was finally discovered. He realized something while he was in New York. He was inspired and discovered what he really loves. What important to him now is that he loves what he’s doing. I was expecting he would mention about the other job like being a TV host. If I am there at the press conference I would definitely ask if he’s willing to work as a DJ like AfroJack that performs well and the likes.

By September,  Sam will be teaming up with Judy Ann in a new project.  I hope that his career booms because he’s a good actor and a good singer that already sold a huge number of copies of  record in the industry.

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