All you can!

Stressed out on the first week of classes.

I called the Ink-All-You-Can service for ink  conversion because  I already knew  a lot of printing job awaits as the school year begins.    It’s a one time investment  for 3.5k.  If I would buy a new set of  ink,  for four colors,  it would cost me around 1,400 ++ and this will only last for a few pages of  printing..   Original ink  has 10ml for each color  each  while  ink conversion content  is  100ml.   It  is x10 bigger  like an  unlimited printing.

The technician came to install my new conversion but my printer  showed error.   The light indicator  for error sign kept flashing. The service technician seemed to have no knowledge and didn’t know what to do.  After an hour of trying to figure out what was wrong, he said that he couldn’t find a solution.   The error says, “there’s a foreign object inside the printer.” aside from empty ink status.   He offered me another option, to have it repaired by another company,   which costs P500 cheaper than the regular service fee.  I declined  and told him to just leave my printer and I will call their office later when I finally decided  whether  to  buy a new printer or  just ink conversion.

I googled the error code and found a solution for my printer.. I downloaded  a certain software, scanned it and  miraculously, it  went back to normal working status, only with an empty ink.

I was stressed out!  I had to go out  in the middle of the night  to print my daughter’s project on the second day of classes.  Printing  failed because it needed to be printed in  yellow pages.  After trying for several times, the paper jammed. I stayed in the computer shop for about half  an hour to fix the jammed printer  but  nothing happened.  Failed. I went back home but my daughter insisted she needed them  the next morning.  It was  urgent requirements and  and  I was already getting  stressed out.

My niece offered to have it printed in another shop.

What to do now?  Go to mall and buy new  printer?  Or just buy a new set of ink to and  try if it still works, but what if it fails again?

My  printer is  Epson  ME 320, only a year old and  barely used.  Printer manufacturer seems to produce low quality  and  disposable  printer these days. 🙁   I couldn’t use the black ink or other color  til  the  other empty cartridge is replaced.


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