Busy Weekend

I spent my weekend de-cluttering, re-arranging, organizing and cleaning  the house.    I slept late last night and finished all the tasks except for some mommy duties on my  list today.   Running errand for  kids  is a tough job for me.  When I need to run to a bookstore for a single item  in the list,  I have  no choice  but do it myself  alone.

Yesterday,  after de-cluttering, I found a few old pairs of shoes  that  were already worn out.   At least a sack of garbage was collected and  I wonder where that  trash came from.   Old  stuff  that can no longer be used  were thrown away.   At  least I feel so light now as I unloaded  a bit weight of my  burden.   I  wish that I can sell  the old things  here and turn them to money puzzle so I could send them as a gift to a friend  who is celebrating a birthday  today.  I just wish but it can’t   be.   A celebrant requested for an specific  gift and I’m now hunting  online  for the   exact color that she wants.

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