Career in Fashion Designing

The new printed ads just caught me as I was walking along the main road of the city  going to the mall.  It’s a mixed race combination of  fashion in a billboard banner.   The young actress-turned-model was wearing the most daring   outfit  but  it fits  her  young and reckless  image. I swear it looks good on her but my daughter viewed   the outfit  on a  different  way.  She suggested that it could have been more perfect if the model just projected what she really is in real life.

I could sense that my daughter wants to be a fashion designer someday.  She would always tell me  that she would take any four year course but will later on venture into fashion designing.  She’s still not sure of what course to take.  Time flies.  It was just last year when she took an assessment test to determine what career to take up  and look now,  she’s starting to review  for the coming exams for college.

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